East Blog – Russian, Eastern European and Eurasian Platform is an initiative of the Europe-Asia Study Table (EAST) of the University of Amsterdam.

The Europe-Asia Study Table (EAST) is a regular forum of UvA’s Department of European Studies for academic lectures on Eastern Europe and Eurasia. EAST brings together students and scholars from Dutch universities and abroad to discuss new and innovative research projects.

Established in 2013, EAST has hosted many national and international speakers on historical, political, religious and cultural topics — from Tsarist Russian imperialism in Asia to the current Ukraine crisis, and from the Polish Solidarity movement and Kaliningrad anthropology to celluloid masculinities in late Soviet socialism.

EAST also presents ongoing research of UvA’s East European Studies group, with an equally broad spectrum of projects that include Marxist nationality policies, Soviet tourism, Cold War journalism, and contemporary new media in the Russian Federation.

EAST is one of the work groups wihtin ARTES, the Amsterdam Research School for Regional, Transnational and European Studies at UvA’s Faculty of Humanities. This research group hosts NWO-funded projects, including Artemy Kalinovsky’s VENI on Socialist Development in Central Asia, as well as Michael Kemper’s “The Russian Language of Islam” and “The Legacy of Soviet Oriental Studies” (Free Competition).